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Main menu is a wonderful Online Institue to help people learn Holy Quran online.  In this era of global village, muslims travel far apart in search of their dream destination.  Sometimes this journey takes us to places where there is no proper islamic school, or too far from the place you live.  There is a need for a way so that we can teach our children the recitation of Holy Quran Majeed, as well as islamic ways of living. is an effort to help parents teach their children Recitation of Holy Quran.  In addition, sometimes elders forget the proper pronounciation of quran and wish to revise The Quran Majeed. helps you in all these issue.  We have arranged qualified Ulmas and Qaris who are willing to give their precious time to the children/elders who are interested to learn Holy Quran from there home.

Services Offered
Currently is offering following courses.  All courses are taught online.

  • Basic Quran Reading Lessons

  • Holy Quran Memorization

  • Quran Recitation (following the rules of tajweed and tarteel)

  • Quran Translation

  • Islamic Concepts for Muslim brothers and sisters

Online Quran Recitation and Translation
Click on the link below to listen to Quranic Recitation in the voice of various Qaris.

Online Software to Listen Quran Majeed Recitation with Tajweed and Translation

Free Trial Lessons

One to One Classes:
Yes! This is our speciality. offers one-to-one coaching classes for Quran Majeed.  We strongly believe that a student can benefit when a teacher concentrates fully on him/her.  With One-to-One Class module, our Qari has his full attention to one single student and this way better and quicker results are achieved.

Our main focus is to help children achieve the goal of Quran Recitation, and with one-to-one class makes a fast inroads in achieving that target.

TheAlqurancoaching.comis one of the the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic islamic education. Our distance courses utilize unique online learning tools, and combine both ancient and modern methods of teaching. Study Islam online through our innovative online Islamic classes and experience it for yourself.

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What You need to Start Learning Quran Online?

* You will need a Computer with Headphone/microphone.
* You need a good speed internet connection e.g. DSL.
* Download software like Skype for voice communication and Screen sharing.

Our Technical team will fully cooperate with you if you need any help in setting up you computer for the computer classes.  So What are you waiting for?  Join us today and start learning Quran Majeed.

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Free Trial for All
Every one can try our One Week Trial classes which are absolutely Free and there is no any obligation attached to it. No Registration/Admission fee. Our regular classes can be started for as low as $40 per month .

Free Trial Call Registration

Our main objectives are to Provide top quality Holy Quran teaching services in Non-Muslim countries to Strengthen bonds with the religion, Islam. Enable kids and adults to recite The Holy Book with correct pronunciation. Help them understand Quran teachings , the message of Allah through Tafseer Guide them to implement Teachings of Holy Quran in daily life.  Additionally, we recite and help in memorization of Various Duas and Kalmas to kids and anybody interested.

Why Us: is a subsidiry of Al-Faalah Foundation.  Al-Faalah Foundation is prodully associated with Canadian Muslims Organization which has been working for the education of muslims in Canada for a long time. has well-educated and trained Qaris in its faculty.  The administration is very coorporative and always looking to accomodate all students as per their budgets.  If you want to learn Quran, but is hesitent for any reason, please talk to the administration once.

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