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Basic Qaida


This Course is for Children and Elders who have never read Quran before or have forgotten.  This course outlines the basic alphabets of Arabic Language.  Just like any alphabets are important in learning any language, this course provides the basic alphabets of Arabic Language and hencefort Quran Majeed.  This is the building block in proper Recitation of Quran Majeed.

Click on your lesson from the following Table:

Lesson No 1

Basic Arabic Alphabets

Lesson No 3

Sukoon (Jazm)

Lesson No 4

Tanween (Fatha-Kasra-Damma)

Lesson No 6

Alif Maqsurah Miniature Alif (Khara Zabr)

Lesson No 7

Long Vowel Letter (Madd-e-Asli) MADDAH YA (Kari Zer-Wao-Ulti Pesh)

Lesson No 8

Diphthong - Leen letters  (Layyinah) Wao

Lesson No 9

Diphthong - Leen letters  (Layyinah) Ya

Lesson No 11

Silent Letters

Lesson No 12

Letter Hamza or Alif

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