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Noorani Qaida


This noorani Qaida program is another easier way in understanding the basic of arabic alphabets and their pronounciations.  Completion of this qaida helps a great deal in recitation of Holy Quran Majeed.   This Qaida is dedicated for forgiveness (Isal-e-sawab) of my late parents Mr. & Mrs Manzoor Hussain.  So please remember them in your prayers.

Lesson No 5

Lesson No 6

(Zabr, Zair, Pesh)

Lesson No 7

(Zabr, Zair, Pesh)

Lesson No 8

     (Fathatain, Kasratain, Dummatain)

Lesson No 9

     (Fathatain, Kasratain, Dummatain)

Lesson No 10

Lesson No 11

  • Harakat

  • (Fathaishbae, Kasraishbae,  Dummaishbae)

Lesson No 12

Lesson No 21

Lesson No 22

Lesson No 23

  • Complex Letters Continued

Lesson No 24

  • Complex Letters Continued

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